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Virbac Tapewormer For Dogs

Virbac's Tapewormer for dogs  is a powerful dewormer. It is extremely effective in treating tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum, Taenia spp., Spirometra erinacei) in dogs and cats, as well as hydatids (Echinococcus granulosus) in dogs. As powerful as Droncit tablets, Virbac Tapewormer is a generic version. The worming treatment works well in conjunction with heartworm prevention and other flea and tick treatments.

How Does Virbac Tapewormer For Dogs Work?

With Virbac Tapewormer, tapeworms in dogs are completely eradicated with Praziquantel. The treatment eliminates intestinal worms such as tapeworms. As well as preventing gastrointestinal infections, it also prevents worms from spreading. Read more about Virbac Tapewormer -Great protection for cats and dogs


  • Tapeworms in dogs and cats can be treated effectively with Virbac Tapewormer.
  • It treats all types of worms, including hydatid tapeworms.
  • Easily administered and highly palatable.
  • They are easy to swallow due to their small size and half-scored design so they can be dosed according to body weight.
  • An affordable worming treatment for all pets.
  • Safe to use in puppies and kittens as young as 12 weeks of age, senior dogs and cats, greyhounds, and working dogs.
  • Suitable to use for pregnant females, breeding bitches, and queens.  
  • It is suitable to use with other treatments like heartworm prevention, vaccination, and flea, and tick treatments.



1 tablet per 10kg bodyweight



1/4 tablet under 1.5kg bodyweight

1/2 tablet from 1.6 to 5kg bodyweight

3/4 tablet over 5kg bodyweight



  • Weigh your dog or cat before starting the treatment.
  • Dogs and cats should be given the appropriate number of tablets based on their bodyweight.
  • Virbac Tapewormer should only be used once.
  • A tablet treats a weight of 10 kg.
  • You can take the tablet whole or crush it and mix it with food.
  • The treatment of tapeworms should occur every three months for all pets beginning at 3 months of age.
  • Deworm dogs and cats every six weeks in areas prone to Hydatids.
  • Treat your pets for fleas and other worms every three months.  
  • Before mating, four weeks before and four weeks after birth, and every three months afterward, treat pregnant bitches and queens.

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