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Revolution Flea and Tick Treatment For Cat


Revolution For Cats

Besides sucking your cat's blood and leaving itchy bites, fleas can also infest your furniture, other pets, and even you. Your cat's furry coat makes a perfect home for fleas, but there are ways to prevent them from taking up residence. Treatments that control fleas with topical parasiticides, such as Revolution for cats, are effective. The Revolution flea treatment for cats is one of the few "spot-on" treatments on the market with broad control over internal and external parasites, including fleas, heartworms, intestinal worms, and ear mites.




Does Revolution for cats work quickly?

Revolution kills 98% of adult fleas within 36 hours. The treatment kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching for up to one month.


When should you use Revolution flea and tick treatment on your cat?

To prevent and control infestations, apply Revolution topical flea and tick treatment once a month. Despite the fact that these pests pose a threat to pets all year round, they become more active in the summer months, so you should administer Revolution tick treatment for cats one month before the season begins. Learn more about the differences between flea treatment products.

How effective is Revolution for cats?

It works within 36 hours of application to kill fleas and other parasites living on your cat's skin and fur. As soon as it is applied, it is quickly absorbed into your pet's bloodstream, effectively killing internal intestinal worms. Approximately 5% of your pet's flea population is eliminated with this method.

As the rest of the fleas live and reproduce in your pet’s everyday indoor and outdoor living environments, Revolution for cats also attaches to pet dander and fur. When it comes into contact with the other 95% of fleas, eggs, and larvae, it kills them and prevents eggs from hatching. Once it's spread throughout your house as your pet sheds, it kills the remaining adults.


Stop fleas and ticks with Revolution for cats

Revolution for cats keeps your pet tick and flea-free all year long. Protect your cat for months on end at Dr Carl with the option to buy the treatment in bulk sets, such as a Revolution for cats 6 pack.

Whether you need cat toys, cat dietary supplements, cat grooming supplies, or flea treatment, we have what you need. Please contact our vet-backed customer service team via email at [email protected] or phone at 1800 372 275 if you require advice on flea treatment or our products.


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