Capstar Flea & Tick Treatments for Dogs

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Capstar Flea Tablets For Dogs


Capstar Flea Treatment For Dogs 


Designed to treat heavy flea infestations in canines, Capstar is an active formula. It is effective in killing adult fleas with this quick action tab. As soon as Capstar is applied, fleas begin to die. Within a few hours, 98-100% of fleas are gone. Capstar is not harmful to pregnant or nursing dogs. For dogs of all breed, it is safe to use on puppies over 4 weeks old.

How does it work?

The Capstar flea treatment is excellent. The active ingredient is nitenpyram, which acts as an insecticide. Parasites are affected by this element, but pets are not affected. As soon as Capstar is administered, it starts working on adult fleas within 30 minutes. After applying this flea control product, fleas are destroyed within a few hours. It works for 24 hours to kill fleas when used for heavy flea infestations. When administered along with other long-term flea preventive treatments, it is extremely beneficial.


  • Make sure your dog is weighed before beginning the treatment.
  • Directly administer Capstar to your pet.
  • Make sure your dog finishes the whole dose of the medication by mixing it in his food.
  • There is a standard dosage of one tablet a day.
  • All household pets should be treated to prevent re-infestation.
  • Whenever fleas are observed or re-infestations occur, Capstar can be continued.


  • Fleas can be easily removed with Capstar, a fast-acting, one-time treatment.
  • Dogs and puppies with heavy flea infestations benefit from it.
  • A few minutes after taking action, fleas are dead.
  • Within 30 minutes of administration, this scientifically proven flea treatment begins to work.
  • Fleas can be treated at any time by giving this easy-to-administer product.
  • A few hours after application, this treatment destroys about 100% of fleas on dogs.
  • In puppies over 4 weeks of age, it is safe for use.
  • Despite its use during pregnancy and nursing, Capstar does not cause any negative side effects in female dogs.


  • It should be stored at room temperature.
  • Pets and children should not have access to it.
  • Wear gloves when treating the dog after administering Capstar.


Do not use in puppies younger than 4 weeks of age.

Do not overdose dog with Capstar

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