Shampoo & Washes for Dogs

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Shampoo & Washes For Dogs

Some pet owners enjoy doggy bath time as a bonding experience but for others, everybody ends up soaked and miserable. A dog owner's responsibility includes keeping their dog clean and smelling fresh. Bathtime is also the perfect time to check for lumps and bumps on a dog's body. Dogs rely on you to keep them clean, so be sure you don't neglect this essential part of dog healthcare and hygiene. 

There are lots of pups who would prefer to play to take a bath, but bathing your furry friend is much easier when you find a dog shampoo you both love. Bathing keeps your dog's coat shiny while keeping their skin healthy and free of critters.

Dog shampoo and conditioner are available in many formulas designed to address your canine's coat concerns. Just like human haircare products, these products come in a variety of formulas.


Bath Time For Your Dog

Dogs need baths from time to time, but some do need to be bathed more frequently. Dogs who spend most of their time inside are less likely to get dirty than dogs who prefer to spend their time outdoors. However, no dog is completely clean – when you take them to the beach or to the dog park, they'll enjoy getting muddy. Dogs often roll around in the smelliest things possible, even if they think it's fun.

Your dog's fur can become attached with environmental pollutants after a walk in your neighbourhood. So, even if your dog looks clean, there are probably invisible things lingering in their coat that aren't supposed to. Long-haired dogs and thick-haired dogs are more likely to develop this problem, so they might need more bathing than short-haired dogs. 

Baths are very important to keeping your dog healthy, removing bacteria, and preventing your dog's skin from becoming infected, as well as making your dog smell and look amazing. However, don't bathe your dog too often, as it can dry out their skin and cause irritation. Most dog parents bathe their pups anywhere between once a month and a few times a year.

If you want to give your dog a bath, make sure you have everything you need - shampoo, conditioner, towels, perhaps a rubber curry brush to help remove loose fur from his coat. Use water that is neither too hot nor too cold. Make sure your tub is shallow and don't leave your dog unattended. A towel or rubber mat can also provide more grip in a bath for some dog owners. Hose extensions that attach to your tap can also be purchased to make wetting and rinsing your dog faster and easier. 

Dog Shampoo

A dog's skin is very different from ours, so human shampoo or conditioner could irritate their skin and could cause hair loss if you use it. Make sure your grooming products are made for dogs specifically. There are a variety of shampoos available for dogs, including shampoos for puppies, dogs with skin conditions, and dogs with parasites.

Medicated Dog Wash

There are some dogs who have skin or coat conditions that require medicated dog shampoo. In addition to reducing allergies and soothing itching and inflammation, these products eliminate any environmental causes of allergies, such as grass pollen, through the use of special ingredients.

Bacterial and fungal infections can also be treated with medicated products. It is extremely uncomfortable for your pet to suffer from these conditions, which are sometimes caused by allergies. Regular bathing with medicated dog wash helps prevent recurrence of these conditions.

Fleas and skin conditions like mange can also be treated effectively with some medicated dog shampoos. If you suspect your dog has a skin or coat condition, you should see a veterinarian as they can help you determine the best treatment.


After shampooing, using a dog conditioner product can be highly beneficial to your dog. A dog conditioner prevents dryness and irritation by sealing moisture into the hair shafts. In addition, it softens, silkens, and grooms your dog's fur easier so if your dog has thick or long fur, this makes brushing a lot easier and means you don't have to spend as much time grooming him!

Make Bath Time a Positive Experience

Making your dog's bath fun with toys and treats will make the experience positive and rewarding for both of you! If your dog doesn’t like bath time, a lick mat will be useful as it will help calm them, reduce their anxiety, and also act as a positive reinforcement tool. Adding a dog-friendly treat like peanut butter or yoghurt on the mat will keep your dog distracted while you work.

Dr Carl carries a variety of dog supplies from high quality food, toys, supplements, and healthcare products at affordable prices so you can provide the best products for your pup without breaking your bank. 

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