Ziwi Peak

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Ziwi Peak 

Dr Carl are proud to offer you Ziwi Peak, New Zealand's best raw food. Ziwi Peak dog and cat food is available in both wet and dry mixes, sourced exclusively from the South Island of New Zealand.

Why ZiwiPeak?

A minimum of 96% of Ziwi dog and cat foods are derived from sustainably harvested New Zealand meat, seafood, organs, and bones. Ziwi pet foods are naturally grain, sugar, and glycerine free, unlike artificially coloured, preservatives, and flavoured pet foods.

In addition to providing all the essential nutrients that pets need, Ziwi Peak's wet and dry food mixes also contain green lipped mussels and other seafood ingredients to enhance their intake of vitamins and minerals. It's the fact that Ziwi Peak food mimics a wild-prey diet that pets would eat if they weren't domesticated that helps explain why Ziwi Peak is so popular with your dogs!


All Ziwi Peak canned and air dried pet foods are complete and balanced to meet the AAFCO nutritional profiles for all life stages. They can be eaten from as young as six weeks old to as old as 100 years old.

What We Recommend

Both wet and dry food ranges feature tasty selections like rabbit and lamb or venison and fish. There's bound to be a flavour that your dog or cat will enjoy! Some of our personal favourites are:

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