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Ranvet Allwormer for Dogs 


Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and hydatid tapeworms can all be treated with Ranvet Allwormer for dogs. Pregnant dogs can be treated with this treatment at mating, before whelping, and every three months thereafter. It is a safe treatment for all breeds of dogs. Furthermore, this Ranvet Allwormer is extremely easy to use. In addition, puppies over three months of age can take it.



  • In the case of small dogs, give one tablet per 10kg of body weight orally.
  • Give one tablet per 25kg of bodyweight to larger dogs.
  • The treatment for whipworms will require dosage every six to eight weeks after the child reaches the age of three months.
  • It is recommended to treat puppies older than 3 months at 2-, 4-, 8-, and 12-week intervals, followed by 3-month intervals.
  • Every six weeks, a dose of medication is required to prevent Hydatid Tapeworms.
  • For effective worm control in adult dogs, treat them every three months.



  • Ranvet Allwormer is an effective allwormer for dogs
  • Provides treatment for various types of worm infestations
  • The pet can be dosed very easily
  • All dog breeds are safe to use
  • Pregnant dogs can use this product



  • Ensure that the product is stored in a dry and cool environment.
  • Ensure that children cannot reach it.
  • Puppies under three months of age are not suitable for this product.

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