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High-Quality Dog Food Online

Feeding your dog food that is nutritious and provides the dietary support they need is important, but it must also be something your furry friend will enjoy. A dog's nutritional needs differ from our own and they must be met in order for them to thrive, so you can't just feed your dog your dinner. Dogs may suffer from vitamin and nutrient deficiencies if their diet is incomplete or imbalanced.

The kind of dog food you choose should take into account your dog's age, size, lifestyle, and medical conditions. A puppy's nutritional needs differ from those of an adult dog, and an overweight dog should not be fed the same food as a very active sporting dog. To figure out what type of food will work best for your dog based on its life stage and particular food needs, speak with your veterinarian.


Wet Food

Wet food is typically much more appetising than kibble to most dogs as it closely resembles the fresh meat that dogs crave. For picky eaters, wet food is a great alternative or addition to dry food.

Generally, wet food has less carbs and more fat and protein. Due to its high water content, it can keep dogs hydrated. Dogs that don't drink a lot of water, especially in the summer, will benefit from this.


Dry Food

If you want to give your fur friend premium food at an affordable price, you should consider feeding them dry dog food. You can buy a larger quantity of dry food in one go and store it in less space than wet food for the same number of days. If your pet prefers to graze throughout the day rather than eat their meals all at once, dry food would be more appropriate to keep on hand.

Combining Wet and Dry Foods

A lot of dog owners mix wet and dry food together. This reduces the overall cost of your dog's food while still getting the benefits of wet food-- just make sure your dog gets the right amount of calories.


Puppy Food

In order for your puppy to grow properly, the food you feed them must be complete and balanced as well as formulated to support growth. Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs so they need higher levels of protein, as well as certain vitamins and minerals. 

Large-breed puppies should eat food that's specifically labelled for them. These foods are designed to prevent them from growing too fast, causing bone or joint abnormalities as they grow. Small and toy dog breeds need smaller chunks of food because they have smaller mouths and teeth. It is important to give your little dog something that is easy to bite and chew.


Prescription Diet

You can manage your dog's specific health issues on a daily basis with prescription dog food. It is important to get your dog food tailored specifically to meet their special needs because the nutrients and diet they receive can impact their overall health and well-being. 

Dogs suffering from kidney problems or diabetes require special prescription dog food, as well as dogs with food allergies who might require hypoallergenic or novel protein prescription food. Brands that we carry include Hill’s Prescription Diet and Royal Canin to name a few.

We have high-quality dog food from top brands that your pets will love. We guarantee low prices on all our dog food ranges and offer flat-rate shipping to any location within Australia. If you need assistance, please call us at 1800 DR CARL (1800 372 275) and we'll be happy to assist you.

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