Bravecto Spot On for Dogs

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Bravecto Spot-On For Dogs


Bravecto Spot On Flea and Tick Treatment For Dogs


The Bravecto Spot-On flea and tick treatment for dogs is the latest in flea and tick control technology. Infestations of fleas and ticks in dogs can be treated effectively and future infestations can be prevented. The topical solution kills fleas within 8 hours and provides continuous protection against flea infestations for 6 months. The product has systemic acaricidal effects on ticks and persists for six months in killing paralysis ticks. It works for a full 12 weeks against Brown Dog ticks. The use of Bravecto spot-on for flea allergy dermatitis can be an effective part of a treatment strategy. Puppies over the age of 8 weeks and weighing at least 2 kg can use it safely. Dogs that are breeding, pregnant, or lactating can benefit from Bravecto topical treatment.

How does it work?

Fluralaner is the active ingredient in Bravecto Spot-On. It is highly effective against fleas and ticks. Targeted parasites are highly affected by it. Fluralaner acts aggressively on ligand-gated chloride channels (GABA- and glutamate-receptors) to inhibit parts of the parasite's nervous system. As a result, fleas and ticks are destroyed. Using Bravecto, you can kill newly emerged fleas before they lay eggs. Further infestation of fleas is controlled by breaking the life cycle of fleas. A wide range of safety is offered by the spot-on, which is easy to apply.


  • Application should be topically applied.
  • Take the pipette out of the pack.
  • It is necessary to break the seal in order to apply the product.
  • Dogs should stand upright.
  • Make the skin visible by parting the fur between the shoulder blades.
  • Vertically place the tip of the pipette against the visible skin spot.
  • Apply the entire contents of the pipette directly to the dog's skin.
  • Every six months, repeat the treatment.


  • This product eliminates fleas within 8 hours
  • Newly emerged fleas can be effectively killed by this product
  • Protects against fleas for up to 24 weeks
  • Flea population in the surrounding area is controlled
  • Effective for a long period of time
  • Flea life cycle is broken and flea infestations are further controlled
  • Dogs of all breeds can use it


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • When handling or applying the product, wear suitable gloves.
  • After treatment, pets should not be groomed.
  • Keep it cool and dry.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, hands and skin.
  • Directly apply to skin lesions is not recommended.
  • Within 3 days following treatment, do not wash your dog or allow him to swim.
  • Puppies under 8 weeks of age should not be treated with this product.
  • Oral administration is not recommended.
  • Safe to use in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.


The active substance should not be used if there is hypersensitivity to it.

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