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Reptile Food Supplies Online

When keeping a pet reptile, it's especially important to consider food and nutrition. The dietary requirements of different species also differ.

Keeping a healthy diet

Reptiles' feeding behaviour and digestion are affected by the temperature of their environment. Compared to mammals and other "warm-blooded" animals, reptiles have a lower metabolism, so they feed less frequently. Reptiles' feeding behaviour can be influenced by other factors besides humidity levels, light, food types, and proximity to other animals. Among turtles and some plant-eating lizards, the colour of their food influences their acceptance of it, with red and yellow being their preferred hues. A reptile may become accustomed to eating certain foods and refuse to eat anything else. Young reptiles may be less likely to suffer from this problem if they are fed a variety of foods each time they are fed.

Reptile Supplies You Can Count On

You can find some of the best brands of reptile supplies and other pet supplies at Dr Carl Pet Supplies. Our veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals use the products we sell on their own pets and have personally approved them.

With our veterinarians, customer service representatives, and vet nurse staff on hand to assist you, you can shop with confidence. Contact us by phone at 1800 372 275 between 9am and 5pm (AEST) from Monday to Friday or by email at [email protected].


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