First Aid for Dogs

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Dog First Aid Supplies


Medical emergencies can happen whenever and wherever, whether you're at home, on the road, or running errands. Keeping a dog first-aid kit on hand will help you be prepared for any unexpected situations.

In case of a medical emergency or health concern, this checklist will help you put together a first-aid kit for your dog. Additionally, make sure you include all necessary paperwork, such as your dog's medical records and vaccination records.

Make sure to keep the kit out of reach of small hands and paws, and also periodically check the kit for expired items.

Antiseptics & Antibacterials 

Clean wounds and scrapes with an antiseptic solution. To prevent infection, apply an antibacterial spray or ointment to the wound after it has been cleaned. Betadine or Wound-Gard are good examples.

Cotton, Tape, Bandages, and Gauze

In an emergency, an absorbent gauze pad can be used as a bandage. Apply medicine to wounds or clean scrapes and cuts on your pup with absorbent cotton balls. Hold the gauze or cotton wool securely with a bandage. It is handy to have self-adhesive bandages since they stick to themselves without needing tape. 

Medical tape will hold the gauze or cotton in place if you don't have self-adhesive bandages, or if the area isn't suitable for bandaging. Look for a hypoallergenic tape to prevent irritation.

Disposable Gloves and Handwash

It is always important to wear gloves when cleaning your dog's wounds. You will want to protect yourself whenever you are dealing with bodily fluids, regardless of whether they are human or not. It will also prevent bacteria from getting into the wound. If you want to kill any lurking bacteria in your hands, use an antiseptic handwash like Microshield before and after cleaning your dog's wounds.

Thermometer, Scissors, Tweezers, and Magnifying Glass

Keeping a thermometer on hand is the quickest way to determine if your dog has a fever. Dogs are usually a little warmer than humans and should have a temperature between 37.9 and 39.9 Celsius.

A dog's first aid kit must include scissors, tweezers, and a magnifying glass. The scissors can be used to trim gauze, tape, or bandages. The magnifying glass can reveal even the smallest splinters, which can be removed with tweezers.

Towels, Blankets, and Syringes

A syringe is handy for administering liquid medicines to your dog, and they are also great for using saline solution to irrigate a wound.

Keep a clean towel and/or blanket in your dog's first aid kit so that they can stay warm when it's cold. You can wet the towel to help them cool down if they are overheating.

Styptic Powder or Gel

Styptic gel or powder may already be around your house. Using it will stop bleeding if you have accidentally cut your dog's nails too short. The product can also be used to stop bleeding from superficial cuts and scrapes.

It is always important to have your pet immediately treated by a veterinarian after administering any first aid care. It's important to remember that first aid care is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it may save your pet's life while they wait for treatment.

You can make a first aid kit for your dog with a few common sense items for minor emergencies, or you can make a well-stocked case of medicines and dressings. Dr Carl carries an extensive variety of first aid supplies for dogs that were mentioned above at affordable prices. Stock up on dog first aid items today.

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