Milbemax Wormers For Cats

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Milbemax Worm Treatment for Cats


Milbemax is a popular deworming product from Elanco that works effectively on cats. As a result of its simplicity of administration, it promotes a complete shield shell for canines. Dr Carl Pet Supply is happy to offer this product which fights against all gastrointestinal worms and heartworms. Shop this tablet from our section of wormers at a super saving amount to cut a few bucks from the budget of pet parenting.


What is Milbemax for cats?

Milbemax Allwormer for cats is one of our best-selling cat worming products. It is a chewable tablet that treats and prevents intestinal worms in cats. Despite being smaller than most other ingestible products, it is beef-flavored, making it even more appealing to your cat. The Milbemax cat wormer is available in two sizes: Milbemax Allwormer Cat Small for cats weighing 0.5-2kg, and Milbemax Allwormer Cat Large for cats weighing 2-8kg. For broader spectrum protection, this product can be used along with cats' flea treatments.

What worms does Milbemax treat?

Milbemax Allwormer for cats is effective against all common gastrointestinal worms, including roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. If given monthly, it will also keep your kitty safe from heartworms. The larvae of these worms are carried by mosquitoes and, if transferred into your cat’s body, they can multiply out of control and cause respiratory diseases, vomiting and even death.

How effective is Milbemax for cats?

The two medications contained in Milbemax cat wormer tablets, Praziquantel and Milbemycin Oxime, are highly effective. As well as combating and preventing parasitic worm infections, they can also destroy juvenile and mature intestinal worms.

How long does it take for Milbemax to start working?

After cats consume Milbemax Allwormer, it begins working immediately.

How much Milbemax do I give my cat?

Milbemax Allwormer Cat Small is recommended for kittens and small cats weighing between 0.5 kg and 1 kg, while cats weighing 1-2 kg should be given a full tablet. For cats weighing more than 2kg, you should purchase Milbemax Allwormer Cat Large and use 1/2 tablet if they weigh 2-4kg or a whole tablet if they weigh 4-8kg.

How often should Milbemax be given to cats?

Milbemax cat should be administered every 14 days to kittens up to 12 weeks of age, and then monthly until 6 months of age. It is recommended that cats 6 months and older receive Milbemax cat every three months or monthly if you wish to use Milbemax cat for heartworm prevention as well.

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