Advocate Heartworm Medicine for Cats

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Advocate Heartwormer for Cats

Advocate is a high-end product that controls parasites in cats. Applied once a month, this topical solution treats heavy flea infestations and prevents re-infestations. This is one of the best treatments for preventing heartworm disease in cats. Cats are protected from fleas, ear mites, hookworms, and roundworms with this easy-to-use solution. Your cat is protected from common gastrointestinal nematode worms, and you and your family can avoid the harmful effects of contracting worms from your cat by using Advocate. It is also the only product that kills the two parasites that cause lungworm disease in cats, which causes irreversible lung damage. Kittens as young as 9 weeks can safely take Advocate.


How does it work?

Advocate is an all-in-one treatment for parasites. The main ingredients are imidacloprid and moxidectin. A key ingredient, moxidectin, disrupts nerve transmission, causing the parasite to paralyse and die, thus preventing heartworms and intestinal worms. As for imidacloprid, it directly attacks the nervous system of the flea, causing paralysis and death. Within just a few minutes, fleas are affected, and within an hour, they are no longer there. Within 20 minutes of contact with the active ingredient, Advocate kills flea larvae in your cat's surroundings. As a result, various infestations are controlled by the treatment. Additionally, Advocate is water-resistant.


Why Advocate?

“No Need to Bite” Action

As a result of the ingredients in Advocate, fleas can be effectively treated quickly. Advocate's ”No Need to Bite” mode of action kills fleas on contact; they do not have to bite your cat to be killed, so your cat will feel more relief. The fleas that already exist are killed within 12 hours, and those that re-infest after this time are killed within one hour. As your cat sheds skin and fur naturally, imidacloprid kills flea larvae in the environment and breaks the flea life cycle.


Broad Spectrum Protection Against Parasites

Cats are protected inside and out by Advocate. Providing comprehensive protection against fleas, heartworms, intestinal worms, lungworms, ear mites, and feline mange mites. It is an easy-to-use spot-on that is applied monthly.


Intestinal Worm Protection

In most cases, wormers only kill adult worms in the intestines at the time of treatment, but this doesn't solve the problem. The larvae migrate through your cat's body causing damage, and the adults soon mature into adults, causing harm not only to your cat, but also to the environment due to egg shedding before treatment. The risk extends to you and your family as well!  

In addition to killing adult roundworms and hookworms, Advocate also kills immature adult and larval stages.


Lungworm Treatment and Control

Only Advocate kills lungworms in cats while protecting them from fleas, heartworms, and worms. The presence of lungworms in cats can cause respiratory compromise and other debilitating symptoms that may be fatal. Using Advocate monthly prevents these parasites from multiplying.


Protection Between Doses

With many products, cats can be re-infected with heartworms and intestinal worms between treatments. Advocate provides continuous protection from heartworms and intestinal worms between dosages when used regularly.


How to apply Advocate

During treatment, make sure your cat is standing. When applying the product, remove your cat's collar and replace it once it has dried, with the exception of Seresto collars, which do not need to be removed beforehand.

Remove the required tubes from the packet. Pull the cap off the tube while holding it upright away from you.
The cap should be reversed and pushed back onto the tube. Using a twisting motion, break the cap's seal, and remove it.
Put the tube tip on the skin on your cat's back neck after parting the fur. Apply the solution directly to the skin by squeezing the tube firmly twice.

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