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Cat Dental Supplies Online


Dental care is often overlooked in the early days of owning a new cat. Your cat's teeth play a vital role in their overall health and well-being. It is important to take care of your kitty's dental health just as much as making sure they get plenty of exercise and eat a balanced diet. No conscientious pet owner wants their pet to suffer from tooth pain or teeth loss. Taking care of your cat's dental health reduces tartar and plaque buildup, which can harbor bacteria that can erode teeth and gums, leading to serious complications. The bacteria can also make your cat's breath smell funky. To keep your cat's teeth clean, make sure you purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste designed exclusively for cats.

Cat dental care doesn't stop with toothbrushes; you can also find a variety of cat dental cleaning products that come in a variety of appealing flavors. Several cat chew treats are available that freshen your cat's breath and reduce plaque, as well as having beneficial digestive enzymes. Dental care wipes can help clean your cat's teeth on an easy and convenient basis. Aside from cat dental care treats, there are also chewable toys that help mitigate tartar build-up and satisfy your cat's natural chewing urges.



Cat Toothbrush and Toothpastes

The best way to support your cat's dental health is to brush their teeth. It may seem impossible at first, but most feline parents can get into the routine of brushing their pets’ teeth on a regular basis with a little patience and practice. Getting your cat used to brushing is easier while they are still a kitten. Older cats may require a little more work, but it's still worth the effort. Brushing your cat's teeth at least every other day will prevent bacteria from damaging her dental health before any damage is done. 

There are toothbrushes specially designed for cats. A number of these types of brushes are available, including brushes with angled handles, small brushes that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and finger toothbrushes (designed to fit over the tips of your fingers). 

The bristles of the toothbrush should be able to reach just below the gumline at the tooth-gum interface. Whatever toothbrush you use, it is important to be gentle and go slowly to avoid irritating the gums by accidentally poking the toothbrush tip against them. 


Similar to human toothpaste, cat toothpaste is typically a clear or colored gel or paste. 

There are some that don't require you to use a toothbrush. You'll need to consider your cat's preferences as well. All cat toothpastes are designed to be ingested, as it is impossible to prevent them from doing so.

Cat Dental Treats

Cats love meaty and chewy cat treats. Give them a meaty snack that's also good for their teeth. Dental treats for cats are an easy way to keep their teeth healthy. 

Cat dental treats can be a very effective way to remove plaque and tartar from your cat's teeth. Keeping in mind they are treats, don't give them too many. Feed them according to the package instructions. It is not a substitute for regular veterinary checkups and brushing their teeth, but dental treats can help!

Dental treats for cats work by rubbing away plaque and tartar as your cat chews. Dental treats are hard and porous so your cat can crunch their way to cleaner teeth. Additionally, they can promote salivation, which helps wash away dental debris. Choose tasty treats that contain natural ingredients and aren't filled with additives.

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