Medicated Shampoo & Washes For Cats

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Medicated Cat and Kitten Shampoos

We've Got The Best Medicated Cat Shampoos  To Make Your Feline Friend Feel Special.

If you have a cat, how often do you bathe it? Many pet owners are unaware that cats benefit greatly from a bath every couple of months, or even more often. Even though cats groom themselves, and some dislike the water, some cats actually enjoy bathing! A regular bathing routine can solve a variety of cat-related issues, in addition to strengthening your bond with your cat.

Dr Carl offers a wide selection of cat shampoos of the highest quality. In case you decide to bathe your cat, you can find all the cat shampoo and conditioner you need here.


Washing Your Cat With Medicated Shampoo

Some cats need medicated cat shampoo because they have skin or coat conditions. Special ingredients in these products eliminate environmental causes of allergies, such as grass pollen, in addition to reducing allergies and soothing itching and inflammation.

Medicated products can also be used to treat bacterial and fungal infections. These conditions, sometimes caused by allergies, can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet. Medicated cat wash can prevent recurrence of these conditions with regular bathing.

The use of medicated cat shampoo can also be effective in treating fleas as well as conditions such as mange. A veterinarian can help you determine the best treatment if you suspect your cat has a skin or coat condition.


Australia's Best Online Medicated Cat Shampoo Store

At Dr Carl, we stock only the best cat shampoos on the market, so you can enjoy great prices without compromising quality! Our online store is easy to use, and we offer low-priced, fully tracked shipping across Australia.

Our cat shampoos and conditioners will pamper your cat like never before! Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions about our cat products. Our highly experienced team will be happy to assist you whenever you have questions.

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