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It's no secret that cats love to play! You can have a lot of fun playing with your cat together. By doing so, you build trust and strengthen the special bond that you have with your pet. Additionally, it is vital for the health and wellbeing of your cat.

What are the best cat toys to buy? Toys for cats are a huge market, so it is important that you buy toys that are both high-quality and suitable for your cat at any stage. You can find a wide range of cat toys online at Dr Carl to keep your kitty entertained for hours! We can personally vouch for the outstanding quality of all of our cat toys. We are highly qualified, experienced veterinary surgeons and animal healthcare practitioners, so we know exactly what to look for in a cat toy. We only sell products we are happy to recommend, so you can rest assured that you and your pet are in good hands.

Every pet is equally important to us! Because of this, we aim to provide affordable enrichment for all Australian companion animals. It is important to us that you can provide the best life for your cat, since we know how much they mean to you.


Toys for cats: why are they important?

It is extremely important to play with your cat to cement your bond. Your cat and you will also benefit from it in a number of other ways:

1. Play is good for your cat's health and happiness

In order to maintain a healthy mind and body, cats require mental and physical stimulation. By keeping your cat's mind busy, regular play prevents them from getting bored or depressed.

You can also ensure that your cat is getting enough exercise by playing with him. Maintaining a healthy weight and strengthening your cat's muscles, as well as improving circulation, is essential. Playing with your cat can protect them against health problems later in life.

Cats that live indoors all the time are less likely to get enough exercise, so playtime is especially important.

2. Cats channel their natural instincts through play

Cats are natural hunters. They stalk, pounce, paw, and bite to catch their prey. In a home environment, these instincts can cause problems, as your cat might end up attacking the furniture or even hunting you! Providing your cat with toys ensures that they can use their instincts safely and appropriately.

In particular, if your cat does not have access to an outdoor area on a regular basis, cat toys can prevent potential behavioural problems.

3. Kittens grow and develop through play

Play is especially important for kittens. Almost from the moment a kitten is born, it has an instinct to play with its littermates. This helps them develop social skills. It is only natural that your kitten will play with everyone in your home as soon as he or she comes to live with you.

In addition to developing physical strength, skills, and coordination, play also helps kittens prepare for a healthy, successful adult cat life. If you want your kitten to thrive, you must nurture it.

A kitten learning how to play with you and your family is the cutest thing ever! Your kitten's playful nature needs an outlet for its energy, so cat toys help channel that energy.


How do I choose the best cat toys?

Cats have some very specific needs. It is important to take these needs into consideration when choosing cat toys.

With Dr Carl, you will find a range of toys designed to appeal to cats and care for their mental and physical health.

Regardless of your cat's age, playtime should be interactive and sensory. To keep your cat entertained and not bored, it helps to have a variety of toys with different colours and textures. Small, soft, and fluffy toys are good for cats because they will naturally chase them. To help mimic what your cat would find in an outdoor natural environment, you can also mix these with toys that have a crinkly texture to give him a variety of toys.

Cats enjoy chasing and catching toys that can be moved quickly and unpredictably so that they can have fun chasing and catching them. Your pet and you can have fun playing with these toys together, which is important for creating a strong bond.

You can also find cat toys online that are designed to make your cat enjoy eating more. If you want to make dinnertime more exciting for your cat, use toys. Cats can be notoriously fussy eaters. Treat balls are perfect for this. Fill them with cat treats and roll them so your cat has to chase them to get to the treats. The ball can be filled with regular dry cat food to ensure your cat gets the right amount. Food mazes, on the other hand, provide mental stimulation and make eating more interesting for your cat.

If you have an indoor cat, scratchers are especially important. Cats use scratchers to exercise their pawing and scratching skills in a safe and harmless manner, preventing them from damaging your furniture. With a dedicated scratcher, your cat will burn off excess energy without causing you any problems!

Catnip-containing toys are also a good option. There are some cats that do not respond well to catnip, but there are many others that love it. You'll love seeing your cat get even happier as they play. Our catnip toys are completely safe for your pet, and many cat guardians find them very useful.

In order to prevent your cat from becoming bored with their toys, rotate their toys regularly. Toys allow your cat to enjoy playtime even more, so it's a good idea to have plenty on hand so you can have more fun together!


Cat Toys for Sale Online

Dr Carl makes it easy to buy the best cat toys online. We provide a simple and secure online purchasing process. We provide fast, fully tracked shipping to all areas of Australia at extremely low prices, and we process all orders as quickly as possible. We strive to keep our prices low so every pet owner in Australia can take advantage of our great products. It is our pleasure to help keep your animals healthy and happy at every stage of their lives, just as you do. You know you're getting the best price and quality when you buy cat toys from us.

Make your feline friend's day by shopping our collection of cat toys online! With every new cat toy, you'll have a whole range of new opportunities to spend quality time with your cat. Kitty loves this, and they’ll reward you when you see how healthy, happy, and well-behaved they become as a result.

If you have any questions about our cat toys or any of our other pet products, we are always happy to help. For more information about any of the products here on our site, you can contact our specialist team by phone or email. Your feline friend can have a whole world of fun with cat toys you can buy online today!

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