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Grooming Products - Brushes

We provide all the essential grooming supplies you need for your cat.

 Cats that are well-groomed leave less fur on your floors and furniture, are happier, and are healthier. Even so, cats don't always enjoy being groomed. Getting your kitty used to being brushed and having their nails clipped requires patience and treats.

Hairbrushes and Combs

Brushes come in a variety of types. Some brushes are designed for specific types of cats (such as long-haired or short-haired cats) or for specific tasks (such as removing dander). Cat brushes can have hard, soft, wired, or pin-like bristles. 

Slicker brushes have flat rectangular platforms covered with thin steel bristles. Slicker brushes are suitable for cats of all types. If cats are groomed every day in the same place, they eventually seek out and practically beg for this grooming tool! 

A variety of rubber grooming pads and grooming gloves are also available, including Kong Zoom Groom. Using them, you can massage your cat's skin and remove dead hair from cats with short coats. 

Online Grooming Supplies For Cats

We offer top brands like Fido's, Gripsoft, Kong, and Wahl in our grooming catalogue. Dr Carl stocks products that have been approved by our team of veterinarians and animal health professionals for use on our own animals. 

Please feel free to contact our team of veterinarians and customer service representatives with any questions you might have about our products. Call 1800 DR CARL (1800 372 275) during business hours or e-mail [email protected].

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