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Dog Outdoor & Adventure Supplies


Adventures are as much a part of your dog's life as they are for you. As with humans, pups can get injured, dehydrated, too cold, and too hot. It is possible to prevent these problems by using the right gear and knowing what to do.

Make sure your dog is allowed on the trail, or it must be leashed before you head out. As well as making sure your dog is physically fit, you should also consider what you're planning for your pup. An older dog should probably be left at home if a long, steep hike is on the itinerary. However, if you have a high-energy pup or are exploring an easier trail, bring them along. Don't forget to bring the right outdoor gear for your dog.


Dog Rash Shirts

You can protect your dog from the sun with EzyDog's Coolest and Safest Dog Rash Shirts. With 50+ UV protection, this is the perfect beach accessory. A stretch fit is provided by quality, high-visibility lycra. Fabric that dries quickly, resists odors and is easy to wash.

Flotation Device

It doesn't matter how good your dog is at swimming, a floatation device is a good investment. In the water, dogs get tired just like us. It is also possible for the weather to change on a dime, which can cause waves and currents to increase, which can cause boats to capsize. Make sure your pup is safe by investing in a quality lifejacket. Make sure the size and weight recommendations suit him properly, and don't pick one that is too bulky. When he needs assistance, lifejackets with handles will be useful, and bright-colored options will make him easier to spot in an emergency.

Adventure equipment that stands up to rambunctious dogs and rugged excursions will last for years. Stay safe, comfortable, and prepared! Enjoy the adventure by packing quality products you can trust.

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