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Unfortunately, a common problem in dogs is ear infections. Untreated, they can spread to the inner ear, putting your dog at risk for hearing loss, facial paralysis, vision problems, or worse. 

Breeds prone to ear infections, such as those with floppy ears, long, thick hair, or those that spend a lot of time swimming, are especially susceptible to ear infections. Using a trusted dog ear cleaner regularly can help prevent an infection from developing. 

While there are many homemade ear-cleaning recipes on the internet, products you buy at the store are generally more safe since they contain clearly labelled ingredients and have been extensively tested. A homemade ear-cleaning solution can irritate or damage your dog's delicate ear skin.

Using liquid ear cleaners is the best option

Since dogs' ear canals are quite long and narrow, and have a right-angle shape, liquid ear cleaning solutions are generally more effective than wipes. Wipes can't reach deep enough into the canal to clean it.

It is also easier to remove waxy gunk with liquid cleaners. We can remove all of that debris by squirting this liquid into your dog's ear canal, massaging the base of the ear, and then letting them shake it out.

As an interim solution, ear wipes for dogs can help to remove some of the debris if your dog is anxious about ear cleaning.


Check the Ingredients

Be sure the dog ear cleaner you use does not contain any harmful ingredients. You can also tell what the cleaner does by looking at its active ingredients:


  • Lactic acid and salicylic acid are antimicrobial, meaning they prevent yeast or mild bacterial infections.
  • Hydrocortisone can help relieve itching.
  • Ketoconazole acts as an antifungal.


Be aware of your dog's specific needs

It is important to understand that some dog ear cleaners are better at removing wax, while others are better at drying an ear after swimming. Also, some are medicated so that yeast, bacteria, or fungi cannot grow in the ear. A veterinarian can help you decide what is best for your dog based on its risk factors.


Keeping your dog's ears clean is a vital part of grooming. There are some dogs that require more frequent ear cleaning than others. More frequent ear cleaning is often beneficial for dogs who are prone to ear infections.

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