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Dog Ear & Eye Products

Good grooming hygiene doesn't just involve your dog's coat. It is equally important to pay attention to your dog's eyes and ears. If you've been wondering how to care for your pet's ears and eyes, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of products for ear and eye care here at Dr Carl.


How to Choose a Dog Ear Cleaner

It is quite common for dogs to develop ear infections. Left untreated, infections can spread to the inner ear, causing deafness, facial paralysis, eye issues, or worse. 

Pet parents can use a variety of dog ear and eye products for small ear and eye jobs. Whenever your dog's ears or eyes have an unusual smell, discoloration, blood, or other strange symptoms, you should always consult with a veterinarian. Regular use of a trusted dog ear cleaner and ear drops can help prevent your dog from contracting an infection. It's especially important to do this if your dog has floppy ears, long or thick hair, or spends a lot of time swimming, as these are all breeds prone to ear infections.

Although there are many recipes on the internet for homemade ear-cleaning solutions for dogs, products you buy at the store are generally safer since they are tested extensively and contain clearly labelled ingredients. Your dog's delicate ear skin can be irritated or damaged by some homemade ear-cleaning solutions.

Dog Eye Cleaners

It is very common for your dog to pick up dirt and debris while playing. Keeping your dog's eyes clean and monitoring them for infection is important. The first step in taking good care of your dog's eyes is to wash or rinse their eyes properly. 

Make sure your dog gets the best dog eye care by ensuring your dog's eyes remain clean with eye cleaners specifically made for dogs. Veterinary advice should be sought if eye infections appear severe and do not resolve quickly. These infections may require antibiotics or steroids.

If you’re looking for other dog supplies, look no further. Dr Carl has got it covered. If you want to know more about your pet’s behaviour, what they need, understanding certain illnesses, check out our blog for useful and informative articles.

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