Advantage Flea & Tick Treatments For Cats

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Advantage for Cats Flea Treatment


Advantage flea treatment for cats kills existing fleas in a day, prevents them from re-infesting, and lasts up to a month. It can be applied to your cat's skin directly and gets to work very quickly. With Advantage, fleas don't have to bite to die because the spot-on solution kills them on contact. By using Advantage, you can put an end to flea infestations with ease.


Unlike other flea products, Advantage contains an active ingredient, imidacloprid, which acts quickly and kills fleas on contact, without absorbing into the bloodstream. It remains in the skin and fur of your cat for about two weeks. Additionally, imidacloprid kills flea larvae in the home as your cat sheds their dead skin and fur. Once the imidacloprid is in contact with flea larvae, it kills them within 20 minutes, thus breaking their life cycle.




How often should I use Advantage?

A monthly application of Advantage is recommended for your cat.


Advantage lasts for how long?

It works quickly and kills fleas for up to a month.


How do Advantage and oral flea treatments differ?

Advantage flea treatment for cats kills fleas on contact, so it does not require fleas to bite and feed to kill them. Oral treatments require fleas to bite and feed in order to be killed.


Is Advantage safe for my kitten?

It is safe to use Advantage on kittens, regardless of their age or weight. The treatment of the mother before weaning will protect the litter while in contact. Treat the mother until she weans and the kittens individually afterwards.


Is it possible to bathe my cat while using Advantage?

We recommend bathing your cat and then applying Advantage when he is dry, no more often than twice a month.


Is Advantage safe to use on a pregnant or lactating cat?

Yes, Advantage can be used during pregnancy and lactation.


Is Advantage safe to use if my cat is on medication?

If you plan to use Advantage with any other medication, speak to your veterinarian first.

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