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Advocate for Cats - Multi-Action Topical Treatment


Advocate for Cats is a topical solution that combines flea control with internal parasite prevention. Advocate is used for treating flea infestations, controlling ear mites and preventing heartworm infections. 


For pet owners who prefer convenience, Advocate for Cats is a multi-action medicine that fights several types of parasites with one medicine. 


Advocate contains the following active ingredients:

100 g/L Imidacloprid

10 g/L Moxidectin


Cats don't have to be bit by fleas to be killed. As opposed to oral treatments (such as chewable tablets) that work by absorbing the medication into the cat's bloodstream, Advocate spot-on treatments kill fleas on contact on your cat's skin, so they don't have to bite. In addition to the active ingredient moxidectin, which is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream of your cat, this ingredient also kills heartworms, intestinal nematodes, lungworms, and mites.


Read our article Protect your cat inside and out with Advocate For Cats for more information.


Not registered for use in lactating and pregnant cats.

Advocate for Cats Benefits:

  • An effective treatment for internal (heartworms & intestinal worms) and external parasites
  • One hour action - eliminates adult fleas
  • Fleas stop biting within five minutes of applying this product
  • Broad-spectrum protection for up to a month - Longer durability
  • The same application can be used to kill other ectoparasites like ear mites
  • Contains same Imidacloprid active ingredient as Advantage, proven to work against even the most stubborn flea infestations
  • It can be used on kittens as young as 9 weeks old



Can Advocate have side effects on cats?

It is possible to lose hair at the site of application occasionally. Usually, this is a one-time occurrence and the hair will grow back.


What parasites do Advocate kill?

Advocate getS rid of fleas,lungworms, intestinal worms (larval, immature adult, and adult stages of roundworms, hookworms, and lungworm larvae), heartworms,feline mange mites, and ear mites.

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