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Advantix Flea & Tick Treatments for Dogs

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Advantix Flea & Tick Treatment For Dogs

Advantix for Dogs is a topical ectoparasiticide used in the treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks including the paralysis tick, the brown dog tick and the bush tick; the control of lice and the killing and repelling of mosquitoes in dogs and puppies. It is able to do so because each Advantix pipette contains imidacloprid & permethrin to effectively control fleas and tick infestation and repel mosquitoes.  One application lasts up to a month.


Advantix® Key Benefits

  • Fast flea killing action within 5 minutes near the application area with rapid onset
  • Protect your dog from ticks by repelling and killing the ticks
  • High percentage of mosquito bites repelled up to 95%
  • Waterfast or Waterproof for up to a month 48 hours after application on dogs
  • Repels mosquito


Caution For DOGS ONLY: TOXIC For Cats




What is the difference between Advantix and oral flea and tick products?

Advantix is a spot-on treatment that is applied to your dog’s skin and kills fleas and ticks on contact. Advantix also repels ticks, including the deadly paralysis tick. With oral flea and tick medications, the parasites have to bite your dog to be exposed to the medication in your dog’s blood before they are killed. Advantix kills fleas and ticks without the need for a blood meal, reducing irritation and the risk of transmission of diseases and parasites to your dog.


How long does Advantix last?

Advantix should be applied every two weeks for paralysis tick control, and monthly for the other parasites.


Can my children still pet my dog if treated with Advantix?

Yes. Always allow the application site to dry.


Why do I need a product that repels ticks as well as killing them?

A treatment that repels ticks, including the paralysis tick, as well as killing them reduces the risk of ticks attaching and feeding. This reduces the incidence of paralysis caused by the paralysis tick, and the transmission of diseases.


Can I use Advantix on my cat?

No. Advantix is completely safe for dogs, but it’s very dangerous to cats because of their unique physiology and their inability to metabolize certain compounds.


Can I use Advantix on my dog if I also have a cat in the house?

Yes. For owners whose cats have close contact with or groom their dog, keep your cat separated from your Advantix-treated dog for up to 48 hours. After this period, there should be no need to worry about your dog interacting with your cat.


My dog stays indoors. Do I still need to use Advantix?

Absolutely! Even dogs that spend the majority of their time indoors should be treated with Advantix because fleas and ticks can be brought into the home without you even realising it.


I only see fleas on one of my dogs. Do I really need to treat them all?

Definitely. Fleas can jump up to 47 cm forward and 16.5 cm high, so all dogs in your home should be treated. If only one of your dogs has fleas, it won’t take long before they all do. If the dog is not treated, these fleas will continue to carry out their lifecycle, feeding and producing eggs and contaminating your home.


Can I use Advantix if my dog is on medication?

Please consult your dog’s vet to discuss appropriate products to use in conjunction with any 


How soon can I bathe my dog after giving them Advantix?

We recommend bathing before applying Advantix, and applying once your dog is dry. If a bath is necessary between applications, we recommend waiting at least two weeks after applying Advantix. Use a soap-free shampoo specifically designed for use on dogs.


How old does my dog need to be for me to use Advantix?

Advantix can be used on dogs as young as seven weeks of age.


Why am I still seeing fleas after applying Advantix to my dog?

Although Advantix kills fleas on your dog, there may still be fleas in your home that jump on after he’s been treated – there is no product that repels fleas. This just shows that there is contamination of your dog's environment with fleas. Luckily, with Advantix, these new fleas are also killed through contact once they jump on to your dog. As fleas die they are no longer able to stay hidden against your dog’s skin, and therefore you may also be seeing dying fleas coming to the surface of your dog’s fur coat.

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