Bravecto Plus Wormers For Cats

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Bravecto Plus - Wormer for Cats

Bravecto Plus for cats can help protect your beloved feline companion from all kinds of harmful parasites. In Australia, several small and pesky critters are present indoors and outdoors that can cause serious health problems for your cat. The product can be used to treat fleas, paralysis ticks, heartworms, gastrointestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms, and ear mites. You can easily apply Bravecto Plus for cats with its single-use twist-and-use tube. In each dose, approximately 3 months of flea and tick prevention is provided, as well as 2 months of heartworm prevention.



How does Bravecto Plus differ from Bravecto?

Compared to Bravecto for cats, Bravecto Plus offers more coverage. Besides treating fleas and paralysis ticks, Bravecto Plus treats roundworm infection and lungworm infection, as well as ear mites and heartworms. 


Which active ingredient makes up Bravecto Plus?

Fleas and paralysing ticks are effectively controlled by Fluralaner, an active ingredient in Bravecto and Bravecto Plus. It also contains Moxidectin, another active ingredient. Heartworms, lungworms, and intestinal worms are prevented and controlled with this drug.


Is Bravecto Plus safe for all cats?

As long as your cat hasn't been adversely affected by any of the active ingredients, Bravecto Plus is safe for them. Bravecto Plus can be used on kittens who are over 9 weeks old and 1.2kg, and stronger dosages can be introduced as your cat grows. Whenever in doubt, consult your veterinarian.


Does it have any side effects?

It is extremely rare for Bravecto Plus to cause side effects after administration. These problems occur in fewer than 2.5% of cats who receive treatment. Your cat will recover within hours to days if it is affected.


When does Bravecto Plus start working?

In just 12 hours after the first application, Bravecto Plus kills pre-existing parasites and protects against new infestations.


How often should I give my cat Bravecto Plus?

To keep your feline companion fully protected, administer Bravecto Plus every two months.

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