Credelio Plus Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

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Credelio Plus For Dogs

Credelio Plus provides protection against the most common parasite threats. This comprehensive, fast, convenient broad-spectrum treatment is gentle on your dog but tough on parasites. One chewable tablet provides effective worm control with milbemycine oxime, plus tick and flea control with lotilaner (including paralysis ticks). The product kills fleas and ticks, prevents heartworm and flea tapeworm infections, as well as kills adult and juvenile hookworms and roundworms. For puppies over 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 2.8 kg, Credelio Plus for dogs is a tasty, meat-flavored chewable tablet every month.

The fast-acting formula kills fleas within 2 hours of application and protects for a full month. This product can be used in conjunction with a variety of treatments or preventatives, and it is also safe for dogs who are sensitive to ivermectin.

How does it work?

Credelio Plus contains two active ingredients: lotilaner and milbemycin oxime. There is an active ingredient in Lotilaner that kills fleas and ticks (including Paralysis ticks, Brown dog ticks, and Bush ticks). Within 2 hours of application, fleas are killed; fleas are eliminated within 6-12 hours, and re-infesting fleas are killed within 4-6 hours. Another ingredient, milbemycin oxime, targets deadly heartworms as well as gastrointestinal worms such as adult and juvenile roundworms, hookworms and whipworms as well as adult whipworms.


  • You can give Credelio Plus as a treat, or mix it with food or give it as a tablet to fussy eaters.
  • In order to ensure your dog's protection, it should be administered with or after the food once a month, preferably on the same date each time.
  • It is recommended to administer Credelio Plus to dogs based on their body weight in order to maintain the standard dose of lotilaner 20-41 mg/kg bodyweight and milbemycin oxime 0.75-1.53 mg/kg body weight.
  • Most dogs will take the chewable from your hand, but if this isn't the case, hide the tablet in their food.
  • Keep an eye on your dog to make sure he consumes his entire dose. If the dog does not consume the entire tablet, re-dose at the earliest opportunity and continue monthly dosing.



  • One chew for comprehensive protection
  • Dogs with flea infections should be treated
  • Almost 2.5 times smaller chew than other multi-parasite chewable treatments
  • Prevents flea eggs from hatching
  • Tick infestations, including paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, and bush ticks, are treated and controlled
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Roundworms and hookworms, both adult and juvenile, are killed
  • Defends against lungworm infection
  • Defends against adult whipworms
  • Ensures that flea, tapeworm infections are prevented
  • The beef flavor is highly palatable
  • Safe for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age and 2.8 kg in weight
  • Formula that kills fleas within 2 hours of administration
  • Protects your dog throughout the month



  • The product is safe for puppies and dogs over the age of 8 weeks and weighing more than 2.8 kg
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs, including ivermectin-sensitive dogs and collie dogs.
  • Keep away from the eyes since it may cause irritation. If there's any eye contact, hold eyes open for at least 15 minutes and flood with water. Consult a physician right away.
  • Dogs that are pregnant, breeding, or lactating are not evaluated for safety.
  • In addition to vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, itching, and rarely seizures, lotilaner is associated with the isoxazoline family of chemicals. Self-limiting and short-lived reactions are the most common.

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