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Grooming Products - Nail Clippers

Everything you need to groom your cat in one place.

 A well-groomed cat leaves less fur on your floors and furniture, as well as being happier and healthier. Even so, cats don't always enjoy being groomed. It takes patience and treats to get your kitty used to being brushed and having their nails clipped. 


Scissors and Nail Clippers

Although you may not enjoy clipping your cat's nails, it can prevent scratches and damage to your furniture. Nail clippers typically come in guillotine style, where the nail is inserted into a small opening and cut by squeezing the handles together. Additionally, scissors with rounded or blunted ends can be purchased to prevent accidents for both cat and owner.


Find Quality Grooming Supplies For Cats Online

DrCarl carries quality grooming products from popular brands like Fido's, Gripsoft, Kong, and Wahl. We only stock products that have been approved by our veterinarians and animal health professionals for use on our own animals. 

If you have any questions about our products or their suitability for your pet, our team of vet nurses and customer service representatives are happy to assist you. Please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 1800 DR CARL (1800 372 275) during business hours.

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