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Your pup's favourite time is playtime. Play is essential to his overall health and happiness. Dogs are pack animals, so they need physical play with you and other dogs. It’s a great way to bond with your dog and exercise your pup. It is essential for dogs to exercise – whether they run or walk – to keep in shape. By staying physically active, you can prevent your dog from gaining weight and prevent their joints from becoming strained. It’s also a great opportunity to train your dog through play and toys.

Dr Carl has dog toys for dogs of all kinds! No matter what kind of dog you have, we have a toy they will love no matter what they are like. We have toys for tough chewers, toys for building confidence, toys for tugging, toys that squeak, toys for snuggling, toys that can be chased.

Dogs that are bored are prone to becoming naughty, throwing things around and destroying anything to entertain themselves. Buy your dog a toy that will bring them hours of entertainment. 

A dog's play time is the perfect time to strengthen your bond with them. Playing with your pup will also keep them happy and healthy.

Puppy Toys

Buying your puppy a specialised toy might not seem necessary, but there are a number of reasons why. It takes a puppy one year to develop many skills and abilities, and puppy toys can help to develop these skills and abilities. The first year is a time of rapid growth for dogs, as well as a time of learning a variety of skills and abilities.

When teething puppies, you should choose soft toys that won't hurt their tiny little teeth. Teething puppies will appreciate gnawing on something soft to relieve the discomfort. You should also consider the toy's weight and size. If it is too heavy or too large, your puppy will be unable to pick it up. Kong Puppy, which can be stuffed with treats, can provide hours of entertainment for anxious puppies who are adjusting to their new home. 

Senior Dog Toys

Even if your senior dog is a little slower in their old age, they still enjoy playing. Playtime is essential for keeping your senior dog mentally and physically fit, so you may need to adjust a few things to make sure your dog can still enjoy play time safely if they were a ball or frisbee fan when they were young. Kong Senior toys, for example, made of soft rubber, are gentle on teeth and gums that have been chewed for years. Veterinary professionals also recommend them. 



Which toys are safest for dogs?

Chew-resistant and squeak-less toys are the safest toys for dogs since regular toys can break apart into small pieces and pose choking hazards.

Which dog toys are the best?

Dog toys will differ according to the dog's age, personality, habits, preferences, and even health considerations. Puppy and adult chew toys work well, but some dogs chew well and may require extra strength. While fetch toys encourage dogs to exercise and interact with you, interactive toys keep them interested and stimulate their minds.

How do you clean dog toys?

The best way to clean dog toys is by hand washing them with soap and warm water or following the instructions on the packaging if they are included. If you have rubber or nylon toys, you can even put them in the dishwasher to thoroughly clean them. Dog toys contain toxic chemicals, so do not use cleaning wipes or sprays as they can be hazardous to your pup if they are ingested.

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