Valuheart Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

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Valuheart Heartworm treatment for Dogs

Valuheart for dogs is a popular generic heartworm preventive and is effective in preventing dangerous heartworm infections. It kills immature heartworm larvae and removes them before they infect dogs. It prevents heartworm parasites from attacking dogs and protects them from fatal heartworm infection. Valuheart is safe to use in puppies and pregnant dogs 6 weeks and older. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can use it safely.

How does Valueheart work?

The Valuheart heartworm prevention product has been on the market for over 10 years. It contains an active ingredient called Ivermectin. As a result, the parasites that infect the dog are eradicated by this ingredient. Dogs are protected from heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria Immitis, a parasitic worm. This monthly tablet prevents and controls heartworm re-infestation in dogs.


  • In order to begin the treatment, it is important to diagnose your dog's heartworm infection first. Heartworm treatment should be sought if the test results are positive.
  • For prevention, you can start Valuheart treatment if the test results are negative.
  • The tablet should be administered to your dog after he has been weighed.
  • Purchase the Valuheart pack according to your dog’s body weight.
  • One tablet should be administered once a month, and the dosage should be repeated every month.
  • Alternatively, you can mix it with food or give it directly to your dog.
  • Should you miss a monthly dose, consult your veterinarian and begin the treatment again.

Benefits of Valuheart

  • In dogs, Valuheart prevents heartworm infection by being proactive.
  • The heartworm larvae infecting the dog from the previous month are eliminated by this treatment.
  • As a flea and tick treatment combined with Valuheart, it can be used safely on dogs.
  • Puppies and dogs aged 6 weeks and older can benefit from this heartworm prevention treatment.
  • Besides killing heartworm larvae, it protects dogs from fatal lung and heart diseases.
  • Valuheart prevents heartworm re-infestation with monthly treatment.
  • Suitable for puppies, adults, breeding dogs, and pregnant female dogs, this heartworm prevention is affordable and effective.


  • If your pet has heartworm infection, get them tested before starting Valuheart.
  • Safe to use for all dog breeds and sizes
  • Avoid direct sunlight when storing it.
  • Pets and children should not have access to it.


  • Do not administer to dogs allergic to an ingredient of the product.
  • Do not treat puppies younger than 6 weeks of age.


  • To prevent heartworm infection, this product must be taken MONTHLY.
  • The product can be used throughout the year.
  • Ideally, your veterinarian should be consulted before beginning this treatment if your pet is older than 8 weeks at the time of starting this treatment or if the monthly dose is missed or late by more than a week.

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