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It can be a highly exciting experience for you and your family to welcome a new feline friend into your home, but there are some things to keep in mind. Do you know how to properly care for your new kitty? Is your home equipped with everything you need? Is your new kitty going to settle in well?

Introducing a new cat to your home has never been easier. Dr Carl has everything you need to get your new cat up and running all in one place. Our range of affordable cat accessories includes everything you need to help your new cat or kitten settle in.

Bowls and Feeding Supplies

In addition to healthy cat food, your cat will need several mealtime accessories. A good food bowl is one of the most important items. A feeding mat for your cat may also be beneficial, since it gives your cat a place to eat in the house and prevents mess from spilling over!

However, cats can be difficult to feed. Some cats leave their food untouched and walk away from their bowls because they are fussy eaters. You'll need some creative solutions if that happens with your new cat. Food mazes are a great way to provide treats for your cat since they require them to solve a puzzle in order to access them. Having to work a little bit for their food may make eating more appealing to even the fussiest cats.

Those who are having trouble getting their new cat to eat can also benefit from interactive feeders. By feeding your cat at set intervals, the slow feeder prevents them from becoming overwhelmed by large bowls of food at once. It will also prevent your cat from eating all its food at once if you have to leave them alone during the day.    

Dr Carl Offers Cheap Cat Accessories

You can purchase top-quality pet supplies from Dr Carl for a price that fits any budget. The goal of our organization is to make sure that pets and their owners can live a healthy, happy life together.

We have a wide range of cat accessories available online! You can place an order easily, and we offer fast delivery throughout Australia. Dr Carl can help your cat adjust to their new home the best way possible! 


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