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Dog Collars

A collar is essential to every dog, mainly for hanging the leash, ID, and rabies vaccination tag on. A successful walk requires the right equipment. Leads and dog collars or dog harnesses are available for this purpose. It is important to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable while walking by choosing the right collar and lead.

Head Collars act like a harness for the head and help train dogs to walk on a leash and heel. Using a head halter gives the handler more control over the dog's head so the handler can redirect the dog when unwanted behaviour occurs. Animal experts favour this training aid because it promotes positive reinforcement.




How often should a dog wear a collar?

Your dog should wear a collar whenever possible. While no pet owner expects that their pet will escape, accidents do happen, especially during fireworks and thunderstorms. By wearing a collar, a good samaritan can secure a lead safely if they see your pet's name and contact information. Keep your dog's collar ID tag updated with your current contact details, along with your microchip information.

Should a dog collar be tight or loose?

Fitting your dog's collar properly is important. When the collar is too tight, your dog may experience hair loss, skin irritation, airway compression, and discomfort. On the other hand, if it is too loose, your dog may slip the collar while walking or they might get their legs tangled in it. Fitting two fingers beneath the collar will ensure the collar fits properly. If you have a puppy, its collar needs to be regularly checked to know if it is still comfortable for them. It’s also important to check whether your dog's collar still fits properly and is comfortable to wear if he or she has gained or lost weight.

If your dog is pulling on the leash while out on walks, read our article for advice and tips on how to stop your pup from pulling on the leash. 

Dr Carl offers customers a variety of products when you and your pet are going for a simple walk outside, like leads and waste bags, or if you want to take your pup out for a more exciting adventure.

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