Skin Care & Wound Repair for Dogs

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Dog Skin Care and Wound Repair 

Every time dogs go outside, there is a risk for all kinds of trouble so it’s important to have a stock of a variety of dog wound care treatments and skincare products at all times. The extensive selection of dog skin care and wound repair products we offer here at Dr Carl gives you the flexibility to respond quickly to a variety of situations, providing your dog with the very best care, protection, and love. 


The importance of dog skincare

It is common to think that dogs are tough and resilient, but their skin is much more fragile than you realise. Several environmental factors can affect the condition of your dog's skin, and some of these can lead to serious health problems if left untreated.


These can include:


Allergies: Plant and grass pollen allergies can affect dogs just like they do humans, which can make their skin dry and itchy. They might scratch or bite themselves as a result, which can make things worse. 

Insect bites: Dogs often attract mosquitoes and other parasites. Their bites can cause itching and irritation, and, in some cases, they can result in far more serious health problems.

Dirt: During outdoor play, dogs often get messy, particularly when rolling in the mud or swimming in the sea. This can result in dirt and bacteria becoming trapped in their coat and your poor dog may become infected with bacterial and fungal infections if not cleaned and treated correctly.

Sun damage: It is very important to protect your dog when outside from UV rays. Dogs can get sunburn and heatstroke from the sun, so always make sure your pup is protected. This is important during the summer months and/or in warmer climates. 


As a responsible dog owner, you should always stock up on skin care products for dogs that can effectively combat these problems, protecting them from harm before it's too late.To make your dog's outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible, you can also buy natural products to protect his skin and improve his quality of life. As well as alleviating itching and moisturising dry, flaky skin, castor oil can help fight allergies. As an excellent way to boost your dog's immune system and strengthen his skin, omega 3, 6, 9 oil is also excellent for improving the quality of his skin. The application of sunscreens and insect repellents before you walk your dog can protect it from UV rays and insect bites.


Dog owners often worry about infections. A bacterial or fungal infection of your dog’s skin can occur if the dog becomes messy during play and dirt and bacteria get stuck in its coat. Messy play usually doesn't result in infection, and it's a great part of your dog's life. But, just in case an infection occurs, keep some dog skin care products on hand. 

The F10 barrier treatment is highly effective against infections. The F10 antiseptic ointment soothes the symptoms of the infection, allowing your pet to recover more quickly. It helps fight bacterial and fungal infections and heal wounds. 


Dog Wound Repair

The fact is, from time to time, your dog will get injured. There will be times when your dog will need extra special care to recover from injuries picked up during the course of living a full and active life, including cutting themselves on shrubs and bushes, rough play and even fighting with other dogs.

The best way to make your pooch's recovery as fast and easy as possible is to keep a stock of dog wound care products in your home. Betadine Antiseptic Solution is a great product to have stock of as it’s used to treat wounds. Make sure to dilute the product with water before applying it to your pup’s wounds. Troy Debrisol Wound Spray helps clean wounds, ulcers, abscesses of pus and dead tissue, promoting the regeneration of healthy tissue while minimising scarring.

Dr Carl offers a wide range of dog wound care solutions that will help to clean your dog's wounds and speed up their healing. If your dog's skin or paws or nails are damaged or scraped, it can be extremely painful for them. Treatments include treatments for their skin, as well as their paws and nails.

The most popular dog wound care product we offer is manuka honey, which contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. We believe in offering a variety of medical and natural options. When your dog receives manuka honey treatments, the wound will be protected, inflammation and swelling will be reduced, and healing will be accelerated.

Shop Dog Wound and Skin Repair at Dr Carl

Through our straightforward and secure online payment system, you can order all the dog skincare and wound care products you need. Your precious pooch won't have to wait long to get their paws on all the dog supplies they need, because we process all orders as quickly as we can, and we offer fast, low-cost, fully tracked shipping to all areas of Australia.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about any of the products we sell. We're available by phone or email, and one of our team members will be happy to assist.

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