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Making Pet Care Easy at Dr Carl

  • Things We Forget to Do Regularly for Our Pets

    Ok ladies, how many days do you think you could go without brushing your hair? Three days? A week? What about a haircut? Could you last a year?  Could you imagine eating out of the same bowl or off the same plate everyday without washing it in between?  We shouldn’t...

  • What is the best tick tablet for my dog?

    There’s a lot of great preventative treatments for ticks on the market - we look at why you might choose a tablet or chew medication (compared to collars, spot-ons or sprays) and why you can buy tick tablets or chews cheaper from www.drcarl.com.au Why tick preventatives are essential! Whilst ticks...

  • Why you should buy Hills pet food for your best friend!

    Why you should buy Hills pet food for your best friend! When we feed our dog or cat, not only do we attend to their physical need for nourishment, but we show them our love for them.  There’s few happier sights for a pet owner than the tail thumping or...

  • Essential Products for Working Breed Dogs

    With their beautiful natures and seemingly boundless energy it is no surprise that more and more Kelpies, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds and Cattle Dogs are finding their way into homes. And as any owner of a working breed dog can tell you, they are a truly special dog.   Waterproof...

  • 7 Ways You Are Shortening Your Dog's Life

    1. Letting Your Dog Gain Too Much Weight 2. Not Taking Care of Their Teeth 3. Skipping Annual Vet Visits 4. Not Exercising Them Daily 5. Not Keeping Up to Date With Preventatives 6. Not Socialising Your Dog 7. Not Spaying or Neutering     I am yet to meet...

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