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Making Pet Care Easy at Dr Carl

  • How Your Pets Diet Can Affect Their Skin

      How Your Pets Diet Can Affect Their Skin Often the first sign your pet has a skin condition is non-stop scratching. Then comes the biting or gnawing, the inability to sit still or seeming unsettled. Your pet may scratch so much they start to go bald. You've tried every...

  • The Ultimate Christmas Checklist

    With the silly season almost upon us once more, Dr Carl has created the ultimate list (and checked it twice) to ensure you and your pet are prepared this Christmas.     Is your pet going in to boarding? Reputable boarding facilities will require your pet to be fully vaccinated...

  • Summer Care Tips For Your Dog

     Summer is here; make sure to look after your dog and keep them cool! We've compiled our top tips for helping to care for your dog during the summer.     1. Bring them inside   If you are feeling the heat and have retreated to the cool of your...

  • Storm Phobia in Dogs

    Why Is My Dog Afraid of Storms? Symptoms of Storm Phobia What Can I Do? 1. Be Prepared 2. Make A Safe Space 3. It's Ok to Hug 4. Other Products 5. Behaviour Modification 6. Dog Trainer or Animal Behaviourist 7. Prescription Medication A Final Word of Encouragement   It’s...

  • Choosing the Right Flea Protection for your Dog

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