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Making Pet Care Easy at Dr Carl

  • Are You Using The Right Shampoo For Your Dog?

    Unlike most breeds of cats, dogs need our help to keep them looking and smelling their best. And although your dog may prefer to be as smelly as possible, sometimes it is necessary for them to endure the dreaded bath. When that dirty dog smell becomes too much to bear...

  • The Ultimate Guide To Bathing Your Cat

    So, we can all agree there's nothing more relaxing than slipping into a nice, warm bath — unless you're a cat of course. While it's true that some cats enjoy getting wet, most really don’t! Cats do have in-built grooming ‘tools’ in the form of their tongue and teeth and...

  • Five Ways to Reduce Excessive Shedding in Pets

    I think we can speak for everyone here – one of the biggest nuisance’s pet owners are faced with is unwanted hair in your homes. Nearly every dog and cat – regardless of their age or breed, sheds. While you cannot stop them from shedding all together, there are a...

  • Top Tips For Feeding Your Dog

    Did you know that we spend a staggering A$1 billion dollars annually on pet pampering, and roughly A$3 billion dollars per year on pet food? Yep, crazy figures. But one thing’s for sure. Just like us, you are a responsible pet owner. You’ve taken steps to create a safe environment...

  • Cancer in Pets - Types, Symptoms & Treatment

      “I’m sorry, it’s cancer”     Those four little words are among the most devastating a pet owner can ever hear. Many of us love our pets like children and we don’t want to see them suffer or live in pain. The rates of cancer in dogs are similar...

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