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Dog Accessories Online


Dr Carl offers quality dog accessories online like beds, bowls, collars, leashes, muzzles, rashies, life jackets, and much more! The best place to find all the accessories your dog needs is on one website so you can shop for them all at the same time. With a huge range of top brands available at great prices, we will make it easier for you to find products of the highest quality at an affordable price.


Our goal is to help take the stress out of welcoming home a new puppy or dog by providing all the accessories you will need on one site to help take the pressure off you. Our selection of quality accessories will help your new family member settle into their new home faster, as we stock a wide range of high-quality accessories for dogs.

What are the best affordable dog accessories to buy?

If you are planning to welcome a new dog or puppy home, it is a good idea to sit down and make a list of everything they will need. It may help your new family member to settle in faster if you prepare everything they will need before they arrive at home. We offer a wide range of quality dog accessories for your new pet, including:


Feeding Supplies


When you bring home a new puppy or dog, one of your first concerns might be what to feed them. Depending on their life stage (e.g. puppy, adult, senior), you should choose healthy food best suited for them. Choosing between wet and dry food often comes down to preference. Dogs that do not drink much water are advised to eat wet food in order to stay hydrated. Several food bowl options are available on the market, so it is also important to choose a quality one. In addition to standard food bowls made of plastic, metal, or ceramic, we also offer:

Slow feeder bowls - to slow down dogs from eating too fast and preventing meal regurgitation 
Timed feeder bowls - for when you need to spread out meal time throughout the day
Puzzle balls - adding more fun and excitement to treat time
Lickimats - to keep your pooch entertained for longer, also reduces anxiety 

Somewhere to Snooze


Purchasing a bed is also important, even if your dog prefers to sleep on the floor! There are many different sizes and types of dog beds available. Make sure you select the right size for your dog, as even puppies can grow to be very large. A heating pad can make arthritic dogs more comfortable and make living in colder areas bearable. Cool air circulates underneath and around raised beds, making them ideal during the summer. Additionally, some raised beds are designed to keep fleas off, providing some relief from pesky parasites while your dog rests.




There are multiple uses for a collar, which is an essential accessory for every dog. It is primarily used for identification purposes. In addition to having them microchipped you should also attach a contact tag to your dog's collar so you can quickly reunite with them if ever they go missing. You can also use a collar to make a fashion statement for your dog. Necklaces come in a variety of styles and colours, whether they are adorned with spikes or diamonds. There are three main types of collars:

Everyday collar - should always have an identification tag attached. It should be sturdy, durable, and worn most of the time. While some owners prefer quick-release collars, others prefer traditional latching collars.

Bark collar-  is an electronic collar powered by batteries that emits a noise and vibrates, or releases a spray of citronella when your dog barks.

Head collar - is designed for dogs who pull when they are walked. Dogs pulling on the lead are gently pressured when they wear the padded collar, which may discourage them from pulling more.


Leads and Harnesses

It is also much easier to walk your dog with a correctly fitted harness. Instead of the pressure from a leash pulling on its neck, the harness distributes it evenly. Also, certain harnesses prevent your dog from pulling because the lead is attached to the front of the dog, which causes him to turn as he pulls.



A muzzle may look frightening, but it is often necessary when dogs are injured or scared to prevent them from biting. If a muzzle is properly fitted, a dog should be able to pant, drink, and eat small treats without being hindered. It may be necessary for you to measure the widest part around your dog's snout when their mouth is closed, as well as the distance between the end of the nose and their nose's slope. For more information, please refer to the individual product descriptions


Outdoor and Adventure Accessories

In order to keep dogs safe and prevent injuries while exploring the outdoors, they need special gear that will make their adventures safe and enjoyable. When your dog is exploring the great outdoors, they can wear dog boots that protect their paw pads from the heat of the ground and any sharp features that they may come across along the way. Water loving dogs should be equipped with life jackets that must be worn whenever they are on a boat or any other form of watercraft that involves water. If your dog is only venturing into shallow water, it is good practice to have them wear their life jacket at all times when they are around water, however, some owners may leave it off if the dog is only venturing into shallow water. Also, we carry doggy rashies so that your pooch can enjoy the great outdoors while they are protected from the sun.


At DrCarl Pet Supplies, you can buy quality pet products that are carefully selected by our veterinary surgeons, vet nurses, and specially trained customer service staff. Our products are only those we would happily use for our own pets. Our range of essential accessories for dogs is sourced from the best suppliers at competitive prices.

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