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RSPCA Animal Health Products

Be Twice The Pet Hero Today
 Protect your pet from nasty parasites PLUS help rescue, re-home and re-habilitate shelter animals, just like these.
Arnold Nemo Quartz


Adopted from the RSPCA’s ACT shelter, Arnold has won the heart of his new family with his sweet and friendly nature.


Given plenty of love at the RSPCA in the ACT, Nemo developed into a happy and well behaved dog and now enjoys life in his forever home.


A Kelpie-Jack Russell – Cattle dog cross, Quartz was re-homed by the RSPCA at Sommersby and loves to spend time chasing Frisbees on the beach.


RSPCA Allwormer for Cats RSPCA Allwormer for Dogs RSPCA Heartworm for Dogs

RSPCA Allwormer for Cats

 RSPCA Allwormer for Dogs

 RSPCA Heartworm for Dogs

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