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Why you should buy Hills pet food for your best friend!

Why you should buy Hills pet food for your best friend!

When we feed our dog or cat, not only do we attend to their physical need for nourishment, but we show them our love for them.  There’s few happier sights for a pet owner than the tail thumping or wagging appreciation for dinner!  So when we choose the food that we feed our pet, we want:

  • Something they enjoy and find tasty
  • Something that meets all their nutritional requirements
  • Something that is appropriate to their stage in life, or individual veterinary needs.

Pet food, not human food!
Whilst it is tempting to share our own meals with our fur-babies, it is much better for cats and dogs to eat nutritionally balanced, scientifically prepared pet food, such as Hills Science Diet or Hills Prescription Diet.  These specially formulated pet foods have been crafted by vets, scientists and pet nutritionists to ensure that they are both delicious AND nutritious.  Table scraps or human food can be completely unsuitable for pets - and some human foods can even be lethally toxic for animals!

What goes into good pet food?

The basic rule is that you should give your pet the best pet food that you can afford! By giving your pet the best food, you help to ensure they stay healthy and live a full and active life. Many common diseases or conditions can be caused or made worse by regularly feeding foods with an incorrect balance of nutrients.


Premium pet food, like Hills pet food, is made with high-quality ingredients, including chicken, lamb and salmon.  Good pet food has limited additives or fillers, and is carefully formulated to provide balance for your animal.  Stay away from artificial flavours, colours and corn sugar.  Generally, vets recommend a dry food diet (kibble) as this has benefits for pets’ teeth as they crunch on the kibble, although some cats or dogs may have special requirements needing wet food.


For those who are interested in the scientific research that goes into developing the best foods for your cat or dog, the Hills website gives lots of information on the process that Hills go through to develop the best diet for your pet!


It is worth noting that some so-called experts suggest that dogs should be on grain-free diets, linking grains and allergies.Whilst a small proportion of dogs can be allergic to some grains (just like some dogs can be allergic to some meats), most dogs should eat some grain in their balanced diet.  Grain contains nutrients. In America, the FDA is investigating potential links between grain-free diets and heart disease in dogs - you can read more about this here.  When you feed your pet a commercially prepared pet food like Hills, you can be confident that the scientists have formulated the best balance of all nutrients needed by your pet.

Appropriate food for your dog or cat?

The Hills pet food range has a large range of products,in both its Hills Science Diet range and its Hills Prescription Diet range, to suit the age, stage and special needs of your pet.


Hills Science Diet

For dogs, the Hills Science Diet includes a range of foods (including wet food) for:

  • puppies, suited to their growing bodies and minds, keeping up with their growing nutritional requirements;
  • Adult dogs (aged 1-6 years), fuelling the energy needs of your dog, and suited to the size of your dog (and their mouths)
  • Older dogs (aged over 7 years), recognising the slowing down of our older members of the family, and their differing needs in this stage of life.

For cats, the Hills Science Diet range includes wet food (in pouches or cans) and dry food, for:


Hills Science Diet _large_breed_adult_dog

Hills Science Diet even have a special range for indoor cats, to make litterbox cleanups less unpleasant!


Hills Prescription Diet

The Hills Prescription Diet range gives you, and your vet, another way to help a pet with special veterinary issues or other needs.  There’s a great range of formulations to help your pet, including:

It is an enormous relief to pet owners whose pets have special needs, to know that they can give their pet a diet that their pet loves to eat, and also know that it is helping their cat or dog with its particular needs, giving them the best for a long and happy life.

Hills Digestive Care

Where can I buy the Hills Science Diet and Hills Prescription Diet online?

At Dr Carl, we have the full range of Hills Science Diet and Hills Prescription Diet for cats and for dogs, for every size and age of cat or dog, and for your pet’s every need.    And if you don’t know what you want, or you need some advice on what’s appropriate for your dog, just contact us for helpful advice from our fantastic Customer Service Team!

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