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What is the best tick tablet for my dog?

There’s a lot of great preventative treatments for ticks on the market - we look at why you might choose a tablet or chew medication (compared to collars, spot-ons or sprays) and why you can buy tick tablets or chews cheaper from www.drcarl.com.au

Why tick preventatives are essential!

Whilst ticks are tiny (about 3mm-5mm), they can prove fatal to your pet - that’s why tick preventatives are essential in Australia.  The most common ticks in Australia are paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, bush ticks and cattle ticks - but the most dangerous of these is the paralysis tick, as these can kill dogs, cats and even humans.


The paralysis tick can be found right along the east coast of Australia, from North Queensland to Victoria, and whilst the traditional “tick season” is between October and March, mild weather may see ticks active all year round in some areas. The venom of the paralysis tick causes paralysis (often starting in the back legs) in humans, dogs, cats and other animals through the secretion of a paralyzing toxin that is excreted while they feed. This toxin causes a disruption between the nerves and the muscles in various parts of the body which leads to paralysis. Poisoning by paralysis tick toxin is fatal if left untreated.


Paralysis ticks live in warm humid climates, and often live on native animals (like possums and bandicoots) which are immune to the tick’s toxins.  If your dog goes places that native animals also go, or goes into bushy areas or areas of long grass, there is a much greater risk that your dog will pick up a tick.


Tick prevention medications contain a chemical that is poisonous to insects but harmless for mammals (like dogs, cats, and humans). The chemical enters the dog’s bloodstream and kills any tick that bites the dog.


You can read more about the paralysis tick, and the danger they pose,  in our article called “The Ultimate Guide to Paralysis Ticks” on the Dr Carl blog.

Why buy tick tablets or chews?
Whilst nothing replaces a daily check of our pet to ensure they are tick-free, it is also important that your dog is on some form of tick preventative - this can be an oral treatment (tablet or chew), a spot-on treatment, a spray or a collar (or a combination of treatments).

Some pet owners and vets prefer to use preventatives in the form of a tablet or chew, rather than spot-on medications or sprays.  Because the medicine has been absorbed through the dog’s internal system, there’s no greasy feeling of a medication on the dog’s fur or skin.  Also, there’s no concern that the medication can wash off (as there may be with some spot-on treatments or sprays) - owners of active dogs that swim regularly, or dogs that are bathed very often may prefer the reassurance gained by giving their dog a tasty chew that prevents ticks.  Whilst tick collars are also very effective, some dogs don’t tolerate a collar well (or can’t wear a collar due to their work or lifestyle) and so for these pets, buying tick tablets or chews is an excellent way to ensure your dog is protected from ticks.



Where can I buy tick tablets or chews for dogs?

Dr Carl sells a great range of oral tick preventatives, including tick tablets and chews - and you can save up to 50% when you buy from our Australian owned & operated vets.  Some of our best selling tick tablets and chews for dogs are:


  • Bravecto - a tasty pork flavoured chew treat  (there is a Bravecto 1 month Chew, taken monthly, or a Bravecto Chewable taken every 3 months)
  • Nexgard, or Nexgard Spectra - The next-generation Nexgard Spectra has additional active ingredients (compared to original Nexgard) that also protect against heartworm and intestinal worms.  This is a tasty beef flavored chew, taken monthly
  • Simparica - a meaty chew, given monthly as a treat


And if you don’t know what you want, or you need some advice on what’s appropriate for your dog, just contact us for helpful advice from our fantastic Customer Service Team!

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