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Introducing PetScripts

“Our pets are like family to us”….I disagree! My pets ARE my family - and that means that, when they need extra medical support to stay healthy, to live a long life, and to be comfortable, I’m willing to give them that support.


Veterinary medicine advances have meant that many illnesses and conditions that previously were debilitating or life-ending can now be treated. Because of this, your pet may have been prescribed a drug by your vet to support them through an illness, or to overcome a chronic condition, like arthritis, diabetes or heart failure. And whilst these drugs can have incredible, life-preserving effects, they can be expensive!

The team at www.DrCarl.com.au want you to be able to give your pet all the care they need, at the best price, and have provided you with discounted prices on over the counter non-prescription animal pharmaceuticals for years.  Now, Dr Carl is proud to introduce you to www.PetScripts.com.au


Why Choose PetScripts?

With PetScripts, you can look after your pet’s prescription medication needs, and still save money.  www.PetScripts.com.au   is owned by vets, and provides Australian pet owners with quality pet medications at affordable prices. At PetScripts you have the reliability and trust of independent Dispensing Pharmacists who dispense your pet’s medicine on prescription, with the same care and attention that you’d receive for yourself at the chemist.  And you’ll get the same great friendly service that you’ve always known from the Dr Carl team.


Ordering With PetScripts

Ordering from PetScripts is easy - just get a written prescription from your vet (like you get for yourself from a doctor), and then send it in to PetScripts, after placing your order online.  PetScripts can’t send out the prescription medicine until the physical script is received, due to legislation.  If you feel a little nervous asking for a script, here’s some helpful tips for you 



PetScripts only sells registered Australian stock of APVMA or TGA approved veterinarian medicines - identical to those used by your veterinarian.  Please remember Dr Carl and PetScripts can’t recommend prescription drugs or write a prescription. Only your veterinarian can do that. 
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