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Essential Products for Working Breed Dogs

With their beautiful natures and seemingly boundless energy it is no surprise that more and more Kelpies, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds and Cattle Dogs are finding their way into homes. And as any owner of a working breed dog can tell you, they are a truly special dog.

A Cattle Dog sits on a rock in the outback


Waterproof Flea and Tick Protection

If you own an active dog, there is a good chance you spend a lot of time outside exploring nature with your fur friend. Lots of dogs love to spend time in the water as well. Taking all of this into account, it is important that your dog is protected against fleas and ticks with a waterproof preventative like a tasty chew.

Simparica, Bravecto Chewables and NexGard Spectra are three chewable flea and tick preventative products available. Simparica and NexGard Spectra are given monthly and Bravecto Chewables protect your pup against paralysis ticks for up to 4 months.

A brown, white and merle Australian Shepherd is lying on sand


Don't Forget the Worms

Many of the flea and tick preventative products out there do include some coverage for heartworms or the common intestinal worms like roundworm, hookworm and whipworm, but it is important that you read the directions carefully to check what your dog is covered for and for how long with each product. You can view our range of worming and heartworm products by clicking on the links.

A close up photo of a black and white Border Collie poking the tip of its tongue out


Vitamins For Your Dog

It’s no secret that working breed dogs are full of beans. To help support energy production, B vitamins are an essential addition to their diet.

A black and brown Kelpie is lying on timber floors


Taking Care of Senior Working Dogs

Active dogs in their senior years can often develop joint pain or arthritis. Fortunately, there are a variety of supplements on the market today that can help prevent and alleviate joint pain. Many such supplements contain omega 3 which has been proven to reduce inflammation. PAW Osteocare and PAW Osteosupport are two such products that help with everyday joint care and provide relief from arthritic symptoms.

A close up photo of a black and white Border Collie. The dog has deep brown eyes, is tilting its head and has some white on its face indicating it may be an older dog


The Right Diet

An active dog needs a high protein, high energy diet to sustain their elevated energy levels. Many quality brands produce a range of food specifically formulated to meet the needs of working dogs. Dr Carl stock several quality brands that produce a range of high protein food for working and endurance dogs.

View our full range of food for dogs here

A photo of an Australian Cattle Dog on top of rocks taken from below the rock


Tough Toys

Tough dogs need tough toys that can withstand the energy of a working breed dog and the Kong Extreme range are made of a durable, natural rubber and are specifically designed for power chewers. Check out our full range of Kong toys right here.

A photo of a black and brown Kelpie



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