Pets are more than animals to pet owners; they are loved members of the family. And as we head into the second half of 2022, Australian households are facing another expense in the midst of the costs of living crisis: pets.

 The RSPCA estimates that the average dog costs $38,400 over its lifetime, while cats cost about $30,000.  A rising inflation rate, rising interest rates, and rising pet care costs are making pet owners increasingly worried.

Our team at DrCarl has created a mini-guide outlining 5 ways to reduce pet care spending in 2022.

Pet Food

The cost of pet food is one of the largest monthly expenses for animal owners.  Feeding your pet the right nutrition is extremely important, but it doesn't have to be expensive.

Bulk purchases can keep your cat or dog on the same quality food for less.  Be on the lookout for discounts or buy one get one for half price offers if you are willing to buy enough.  Advance Adult Chicken & Rice, Advance Healthy Ageing Chicken & Rice, Advance for Small Oodles and Advance for Large Oodles are great value bags.

Making your own pet food is another option for reducing pet food costs.  Yep, you heard me right.  Homemade pet food!  

Using a food processor or Nutribullet is the easiest way to do this. Since most people own one, it is possible to make pet food at home without investing a lot of money. Adding a protein (poultry, beef, game), some healthy veggies (asparagus, celery, kale, carrots), and fruits with a lower sugar content (berries, apples), as well as vitamins recommended by your vet, is all that is needed to create a balanced diet for dogs.

Simple chicken and rice meals can be prepared for cats. Combine cooked, chopped chicken with rice. You can also add in a tablespoon of olive oil. It's just a matter of mixing and the meal is good to go.


Flea, Tick & Worming Treatments

Your pet's flea, tick and worm treatments should be updated every month to prevent serious health risks.  At DrCarl, you can choose from a wide range of treatments at a great price.   Well-known brands include Bravecto, Nexgard Spectra, Simparica Trio, Advocate, Revolution Plus, and Heartgard Plus.

Unsure which treatment is best suited for your pet?  Check out our guide on Differences Between Flea Products for help.  Additionally, sign up to our monthly newsletters to receive special offers and monthly discounts on our range of flea, tick and worming preventatives.


Groom Your Pet At Home

The cost of grooming can vary from $25 up to $90 per visit for many dog and cat breeds, especially those with long hair.  The alternative is to purchase brushes, clippers, and shampoos for yourself to groom them.

Clip their nails, clean gently around their eyes, give them an all-over shampoo, and trim their coat to remove dead hair, dandruff, and dirt for a basic DIY at home.


Walk Locally

Driving to the dog park or beach can increase your petrol costs.  Walk around your neighborhood and use local routes where you don't need a car - your pup will also appreciate the extra time outside sniffing.


Bring Your Dog To Work

The pandemic may have allowed some of us to work from home, but others may have returned to work permanently and may have trouble caring for their pets.

If you talk to your boss about more flexible work arrangements, you might be able to work from home one day a week or extend your lunch break to walk your dog.  There may even be a chance you could take your dog to work (someties!).

Use these fun facts to build your powerpoint to convince your boss to let you bring your dog to work every day!

  • Enhance mental well being and helps with stress reduction
  • Boost productivity - yep, this one is a winner for sure! 
  • Improve communication and relationships
  • Increase staff attraction and retention
  • Everyone else is doing it! Although it may not be the most scientific evidence, many profitable companies allow dogs in the workplace.  Google, Cotton On, Vinomofo, Business Chicks, Canva and yes I'm including DrCarl on the list, are just a few of the growing number of businesses that allow employees to bring their pets to work.